What Makes a Filipino

Posted in Culture & Tradition on July 22, 2014
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As a citizen who grew up from the Philippines, it feels good to know that there are people that appreciates our homeland. Seeing them checking out the best tourist spots, dining in some of the well-known restaurants and digging our endless list of specialties is like a cherry-on-top of our love for our country.

But what’s crazy is, for them not to just appreciate our culture, but to love it, to a point where they want to become a Filipino! Sure, we are hospitable, and we tend to smile all the tests we face in our daily lives, but for a foreigner who would dig into how we live? It may sound crazy, but there are those who would love to become a Filipino.

Meet Kyle Jennerman. A true blooded Canadian whose current advocacy in life is to Become A Filipino. A self-confessed wanderlust, Jennerman travelled almost 35 countries, yet for him, his experience in the Philippines is truly unforgettable.

What Makes a Filipino is that I was able to witness his journey of becoming one of us by meeting him in person and through his blog. I met him during his conference in our University where he talks about his experiences travelling solo in Regions 7 and 10. Along with his backpack and a camera, he documented his every travel and every Filipino he met on the road. His unforgettable trip was when he his motorbike broke down in the middle of nowhere and the locals offered not only help but time to take things down for a little chat. He was amazed by the man’s story of how he struggled to support his family and eventually went abroad to work. He was astounded by our heroism and our value of family.

Jennerman made rounds not only on the internet but in the national news as well. He was featured in our 6 o’clock news and even on radio. In his TV and radio guestings, he continued to express his gratitude towards the Filipinos and how we live our life.

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