Where to Stay in Corregidor Island Tour in Bataan

Posted in Travel & Recreation on July 28, 2015
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Corregidor Island Tour and Location -
Corregidor Island is one of the many remaining vestiges of World War II in the Philippines. Situated at the mouth of Manila Bay, it occupies a strategic position in defending the Philippine capital and attracting all colonialists who ever held the country to use it for defensive purposes. The Spanish once used it as a customs port, then the Americans fortified it for military use. The Japanese wanted it too, and thus ensued one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific theater.

Corregidor Island Tour is a paradise for both history lovers and the common tourists alike. The place is packed with every historical event one could ever think of. It is divided into four geographic locations: topside, middle side, bottom side, and tail side, the same names they have received during the American occupation.

Corregidor Island Hotel Resort and Promo - Perhaps the most famous of the attractions in the island are the gun emplacements, called batteries. Batteries Way, Geary, Crockett, Hearn, and Grubbs are the most accessible ones. Battery Hearn is famous for the banzai propaganda portrait when Japanese troops captured the gun. It is also undeniably the iconic symbol of Corregidor Island. The guns have been painted over, but the pockmarks still remain.

Another attraction is the Malinta Tunnel. Carved by the Americans from the solid rock mountains in Corregidor, it became General Douglas MacArthur’s headquarters as well as a military hospital. President Manuel Quezon also set up his headquarters there. It now has an audiovisual presentation relating to those events.

Fort Drum Philippines.
The barracks at the topside and middle side are also worth visiting. They are now in ruins, and some parts are not accessible to the public for safety reasons; parts of the structure are already crumbling, and some have even been reinforced with steel.

The Ruins of Corregidor Island is where the Central museum in the island is the Pacific War Memorial, where many memorabilia of the war are placed. These includes maps, pictures, guns, and other relics. It is also considered to be the sacred, quiet altar to those who fell during the war.

Corregidor is no longer a military asset; today, it is both an attraction that would fill one’s appetite for history and a silent witness to the horrors of war.

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