World Bank doubled the emergency aid to the Philippines

Posted in News & Events on November 23, 2013
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Manila, Philippines -  The World Bank doubled the emergency aid to the Philippines for typhoon devastated by Yolanda.

Because of the additional $480 million, the financial assistance extends to nearly $1 billion dollars or P43 billion pesos from the World Bank.

World Bank president announced an additional pledge when he Was speaking with President Noynoy Aquino in the telephone.

On his promise to President Noynoy Aquino, the financial package will be given in the next week.

The additional $480 million will be provided partners Community Driven Development Project for the Philippines to be used in emergency response and Rebuilding projects.

The World Bank's also sends a disaster specialists in Manila to help the government assess the damage and determine the priorities in Rebuilding the places that was hit by the Yolanda Typhoon or the Haiyan Typhoon.

Over 10 million individuals affected by the storm where more than 4.2 million people remain in evacuation centers.

With the amount of damage, this already reached to P22 billion damages, including the P12 billion for the infrastructure destroyed and over P10.5 billion destroyed in agriculture.

Still the government continues to send aid for the victims. The assistance already reached P500 million pesos with the assistance and aid in addition to the donation from other countries.