Yema Cake Delicacies in Quezon Province

Posted in Food & Beverages on November 23, 2014
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Quezon Province, besides being the place where the Tagalog language is said to be in its purest form, has its own trademark delicacies and cuisine like any other region. However, the province’s taste buds are amazing, and this is what other parts of the country are missing. Luckily enough, Quezonians are ready to share it with the world and with you.

In Tayabas, Quezon, the sweet custardy flavor of the yema candy is being fused with the soft fluffiness of the chiffon cake, making a product that has become one of the town’s trademark products. The yema cake is a famous delicacy from Tayabas, as well as in most areas of Quezon. It has a sweet consistency complemented with the softness of chiffon cake. It sometimes is served with cheese on top of it as well as a complement of cold drinks. The product has been commercialized recently, with individual packs being sold around groceries in the province. Many people pay a visit to Tayabas City just to get some of this delectable dessert back to their hometowns.

Also from Tayabas is the budin, which is practically just cassava cake. However, the budin from Tayabas is more milky and salty in flavor, while some of the burnt parts import a smoky, aromatic taste to the delicacy. It is also softer in texture than the common cassava cake. Coconut milk imparts its milky feel, and there is a sweet aftertaste right after chewing and swallowing. Like the yema cake, the budin is also sought after by many tourists.

Although this final product is more of from another region, Quezon also produces good, high-quality pili tarts. They are small, boat-shaped, and has one pili nut in the middle. It is crunchy, sweet, and outright good. It is produced in Mauban as well as in many other parts of Quezon.

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