Yolanda Typhoon update - Over 100 dead bodies in Leyte

Posted in News & Events on November 9, 2013
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Yolanda Typhoon Hit the Philippines

Leyte, Philippines - an estimated of over 100 corpsesĀ  were initially recorded that were scattered in the streets of Leyte after typhoon Yolanda hitting the province yesterday.

According to a resident from Leyte that reported to the radio earlier, a lot of people were crying on the streets while checking to the corpses next them and this report was also confirmed during an interview on the radio with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Deputy Director Capt. John Andrews.

According to Andrews, at 5: 00 dawn he said when he received a text message which apart from the scattered debris on the road, there were also more than 100 wounded residents. They were asking for help and hoping someone will rescue them from the area. This report was conintued and was confirmed.

In the initial reports, in Tacloban City, there are 11 people (which includes a child) were wiped from the flood in the coastal area. Meanwhile in Palo, Leyte has lined the bodies of people on the street. There are about 10 people that were died in a school in Palo while 12 were reported at a church near Tacloban.

There are 20 people died that was recorded after they were wiped on a pier near the province.

It is hard to communicate and gather information of the casualties due to the damage and paralyze lines of communication in the province after the strong typhoon overthrow the storm cell sites and power poles on the area.

Meanwhile, there are also some domestic flights that were still suspended.

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